Great company, great people

Alec T

They took my small amount of bad diesel for free.

David W

Clean fuels got to my job quickly, did a great job, were responsive with follow up questions and were friendly throughout. What more can you ask for?

Dennis D

Clean fuels saved me a thousand or more dollars, and more importantly stands behind their service. They are exceptionally professional and polite, and came back to stand by their guarantee when the problem reoccurred at no additional cost.

I had a sludged up residential fuel oil tank, and they were able to clean the tank via a filtering service on their truck, meaning i didnt have to replace a full tank of oil, and i knew it was clean.

Other companies would take away my "dirty" oil, for 2 dollars a gallon, and then i would have to buy all new oil, and still have sludge in the bottom of my tank. Clean fuels was a lifesaver.


These guys are TOP NOTCH!!! Been living in Maryland for 7 yrs and have NEVER experienced customer service like this. From the time and patience they have on the phone with you while scheduling to the team that actually came out to do the work. I wish I had some of their cards because people like me would ask where to have this service done at places like West Marine and they wouldn't know...well, they know now!! If you need this work done, don't bother calling anyone else - use these guys! EXCELLENT WORK!!

Leroy L

Genius. Most of us don't put a second thought into how long gas or diesel lasts. It's amazing to know that within just a few months the fuel can go completely bad. Clean fuels has a very innovative process where they are able to filter the fuel and return it back to a premium state. So instead of dumping all of your fuel, they can clean it. What an amazing idea saving us hundreds of dollars on our little boat dilemma. Imagine all the fuel they clean for the backup systems at all of the hospitals, office buildings, airports... Wow!

John M