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Marina Fuel Stations

Gas stations are a critical resource for boats and ships using the waterways. They rely on these fuel station since many boats may stay docked in the water. These customers often have higher end boats that rely on clean fuel to keep running smoothly out on the water, which is why it's essential your tanks stay clean and sludge free.

Marina Fuel Station Services

We provide full fuel services for marina fuel stations including:

  • Cleaning out the tank
  • Fuel polishing - includes Ethanol removal and preventing the reduction of gasoline oxidation
  • Fuel filtration
  • Full-service inspection and evaluation
  • Tank installation & removal

Fuel Containment Plans

Fuel containment plans are crucial for the prevention, and containment of oil spills especially if there is reasonable expectation that fuel could containment nearby waterways. Commonly it is referred to as a Spill Prevention, Containment and Countermeasure Plan (SPCC). SPCC plan helps to avoid potentially hazardous materials affecting the surrounding environment and being polluted by petroleum products.

While Clean Fuels Associates has 24-hour emergency services, your best investment is to develop a prevention plan in case of fuel spills. Again, this is why SPCC Plans are an integral part of running a fuel-based company and keeping mission-critical facilities running. Implementing an SPCC Plan means more than effectively running your facility, it means you value employee safety and protecting the local environment.

Contact Us For Your Dry Dock Fuel Maintenance in Marylands by Clean Fuels Associates

If you have a marina fuel station and need a tank installed, serviced or replaced, Clean Fuels Associates can help. Contact us at 800-457-8265 for assistance with your tank or to develop a fuel containment plan. We'd be happy to set up a consultation to discuss your needs and give you an estimate.